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RW Racing Helicopter section (New!)

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RW RACING Helicopter Pinions:

0.5 Module Helicopter Pinions:

0.5 Module Micro Pinions 2.3mm bore from 9 teeth to 13 teeth
0.5 Module Micro Pinions 3.17mm bore from 11 teeth to 17 teeth
point5module_2-3mmb point5module_3-17mmb

Special Pinions with 5mm Bore
availabie with 18 teeth to 26 teeth
point6_e5mm bore

Special Long Boss Pinions
0.6 Module, 5mm Bore, 12 Teeth to 17 Teeth
0.7 Module, 5mm Bore, 10 Teeth to 16 Teeth
1.0 Module, 5mm Bore, 8 Teeth to 13 Teeth
point6module_LB_5mmbore point7module_LB_5mmbore


RW RACING Helicopter Spurs:

Special 0.6 and 0.8 Module spur.
0.6 Module spur available with 68 teeth.
0.8 Module spur available with 61 teeth.
68T 0.6 Module Spur 61T 0.8 Module Spur

150T 0.5 Module Helicopter Spur:
More to come when available.

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